Well-trained staff is a prerequisite for a long-term high productivity of your machine. For this purpose, our training programs can be individually tailored to the prior knowledge of the interested parties and can be combined with one another. Our training offer covers everything from machine control over NC programming to mechanical and electrical maintenance. Of course, you will determine the place to carry out your training yourself. We would be pleased to advise you personally about our individual training offers.

Spare Parts

With the right spare and wear parts from ALFING you are best equipped for the highest productivity and availability requirements of your machines.

We advise you in the correct stockholding strategy, i.e. concretely in the selection of critical spare parts in the correct volume. Profit from our competent contacts and different spare parts packages from „basic“ to „premium“. We are pleased to consider your budget ideas and availability targets. We supply the requested original spare parts as quickly as possible to your site. Of course, on request we will also install the spare parts on site.

Please contact us with reference to the recommended spare parts packages for your ALFING machine.

Machine inspection and technical service

As quality and cost-conscious automobile supplier you need machines available at all times. Unplanned machine standstill and faults should be reduced to a minimum. In addition you expect a permanently high component quality. Preventive control and maintenance reduce the failure risk and thus the failure cost e.g. by exchange of typical wear parts in due time or the maintenance of boring heads and spindles.

In order to avoid any unnecessary standstill times we offer you a cost-effective and professional inspection of your ALFING machinery, and this mainly without any interruption of the current production process. All status information of all failure- and safety-relevant criteria will be documented. In case of faults detected, we can suggest measures for fault elimination.

Service Hotline and Tele-service

The service hotline is the first support for emergencies and provides a competent contact for all matters. Error analysis and short-term emergency measures up to direct troubleshooting via tele-service are carried out immediately and in cooperation with the customer.

All ALFING machines are prepared for an immediate connection from our service center. Our low-priced tele-service offers therefore immediate assistance by connecting our service specialists to the machine and troubleshooting in any emergency. This reduces the reaction and downtime in an emergency and saves you in many cases on-site support.


If the short-term help by telephone and connection to the machine alone does not lead to the desired success, the service hotline immediately comes to your assistance to schedule on site support. Our repair includes the analysis of the fault, the repair and the restart of production. Our trained staff and many years of experience are at your disposal.

Optimization of machine performance

In the production process, after some time, often minor faults slip in unnoticed. The reasons may be manifold. Generally, the output decreases with increasing machine age due to changed parameters in the production process, e.g. by the use of tools with an adverse effect on the cutting values.

Due to wear, always the same technical faults result which in the worst case may cause a production standstill. Organizational problems, e.g. a delayed tool provision, may occur in the production process.

The consequences are a high cycle time, reduced system availability and thus a reduced output. This increases your “cost per part” and thus costs a lot of money every day. According to our experience, an increase of the machine performance of up to 10% is possible thanks to the optimization of the process parameters and organizational aspects.

Our process experts examine your ALFING machine and find the weak points by our analysis tool. Production sequences and process parameters are inspected in common. As result you will find the analysis report with the identified weak points and a description of measures for increase of performance.

Retooling and retrofit

The automobile industry is characterized by product life cycles getting shorter and shorter and by continuously increasing demands on quality, performance and price. As sub-supplier you are obliged to flexibly react on these demands. When accepting orders for the production of new parts, therefore you often have to make major investment decisions e.g. concerning your machinery.

As alternative to high investment, for an economic and flexible production, often the retooling or the retrofit of existing machines is considered because due to the lower invest, the cost per part decrease. Moreover, you and your staff are very familiar with quality, performance and operation of the existing machines.

Our retooling specialists design and retool your ALFING machine according to the new requirements within shortest time. Component quality and cycle time are recorded previously so that the current status can be maintained or even improved after retooling. As a result, you get your proven and retooled ALFING machine which produces the new parts in usual high quality and cost-effectively.


ALFING looks back on decades of experience in the processing of prototypes. We would like to assist you with the planning and execution of your prototype production with words and deeds. Upon request, we can process your prototypes with our machines.

For the quality inspection of high-precision machining tolerances of your workpieces, our extensive and high-quality measuring equipment is at your disposal.

We also offer calibrations of measuring and monitoring systems, also within your machine, including ALFING certificates, so that you do not stress during the next QM audit.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for the planning and execution of your special requirements; we will be pleased to draw up an individual offer for you.

Planning and production support

Planning support guarantees the smooth implementation of large-scale projects by providing expert know-how in the short term without the need for your own personnel. For this purpose, ALFING provides employees specialized in planning activities. The same applies to production support, which is particularly important when employees are not yet fully familiar with the functioning and operation of a new system. Therefore, experts at ALFING support operation during this transition phase directly at the workplace - until they are no longer needed.

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